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    Almost thousand billion Euro to turn your ideas into reality

    In the current Funding Period (2014-2020) no less than 960 Billion Euro are waiting to be assigned to. Also for your project it is possible to find a suitable programme to receive funds. Strengthen your reputation and become partner of the European Union in the implementation of its key political priorities. We will safely guide you through the European funds “jungle” and support the success of your project.

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    Did you know that….?

    The European Commission has declared the year 2015 the European Year for Development.
    For the first time development cooperation is the subject of a European Year; this corresponds with 2015 as the target year for the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations. Each month of the European Year for Development is dedicated to a specific subject:

    • January 2015 – Europe in the world
    • February 2015 – Education
    • March 2015 – Women and girls
    • April 2015 – Health
    • May 2015 – Peace and security
    • June 2015 – Sustainable green growth, decent jobs and businesses
    • July 2015 – Children and youth
    • August 2015 – Humanitarian aid
    • September 2015 – Demography und migration
    • October 2015 – Food security
    • November 2015 – Sustainable development and climate change
    • December 2015 – Human rights

    Since 1983 the European Union dedicates each year a specific topic; with this, the European Years are intended to sensitize for the respective topic, initiate discourse and achieve rethinking. Normally, In European Years additional financial means are made available for relevant local, national and transnational projects. For EU institutions and governments, a European Year is also a strong political signal as well as the confirmation that the respective topic will be included in the political agenda.
    Both 2013 and 2014 were dedicated European Years for citizens; 2012 was the European Year for active ageing.
    Since late 2014, Croatian politician and diplomat Neven Mimica is responsible EU commissioner for the portfolio of international co-operation and development (known as EuropeAid). In the EU budget period 2014-2020, 31.5 billion Euro are available through the European Development Fund (EDF); in total 51.5 billion Euro are available for the EU’s external relations. They are often administered through 139 EU delegations world-wide. The European Union is the world-wide biggest donor of development aid.
    EUROPA+ has already successfully submitted major EuropeAid proposals.

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    About Europa+

    Europa+ is the common internet presence of 4 independent professionals providing consulting and service on fundraising via public funding. Core of our competences is the financing via EU grants.
    We believe in the good purpose of EU funding, as they stimulate the creativity and activity of EU citizens – individuals, municipalities, public institutions or private companies – and enable the launch of many innovative projects. The range of the funding programmes is quite broad, but also very complex. We take our customers by the hand and lead you safely through your project. Our expertise and professional experience guarantee that with our support you will be able to successfully implement your project.